Thank you!

Infinite thanks to all the performers, supporters, and contributors to the OneWorld @ MIT Festival!

Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

Professor Raul Radovitzky, planning group chair

Student organizers

  • Sravya Bhamidipati, Junior, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Alberto Hernandez, Senior, Physics

  • Bruke Kifle, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • James Stevens, Junior, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Victoria Petrova, Senior, Materials Science and Engineering

  • Pragya Tooteja, Senior, Chemical Engineering

  • Haozhe Wang, G, Mechanical Engineering

  • Laura Yenchesky, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering


Professor Patricia Tang, Lamine Touré, and Rambax MIT

Professor Evan Ziporyn and Gamelan Galak Tika

  • Robert Black, double bass

  • Eric Byers, electric guitar

  • Mark Steward, electric guitar

  • Yukiko Ueno, keyboard

  • Blake Newman, electric bass

MIT Environment, Health & Safety

MIT Facilities

MIT Graduate Student Council

MIT Police

MIT Undergraduate Association

Agoos DZines, event production

Radius Event Designs